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Virtual Reality NeuroTherapy Technology

Active your brain in new ways and ignite nerve pathways as you are immersed in the virtual environment. Mieron leverages the power of VR as an effective rehabilitation tool with the Mieron libraries of curated VRNT exercises. VR is clinically proven to neurologically reduce the perception of pain, allowing users suspend their disbelief to excel in activities and gain skills that may aid in mobility, independence, mental wellness and quality of life. Take your rehabilitation into your own hands and onto the next level with Mieron GO.


Mieron provides a new way to improve patient quality of life in a non-invasive and fun atmosphere. Patients suspend their disbelief when immersed in Mieron experiences, and enjoy activities that aid in recovery.


We are committed to recovery using VR technology. A unique set of principles guides our custom created VR experiences, as we continue to study the positive medical effects of Virtual Reality NeuroTherapy and build more upon the science.


Although VR has been around since the 1980s, the consumer technology is new. We offer training to healthcare providers and 24/7 support to make introducing VR into your facility a streamlined process. Our continuing education initiatives ensure that Mieron users will always be ahead of the curve.


“I found myself pushing my body farther than I thought I could because I wanted to participate in the VR experience.”

– Kevin, 21 year old SCI

“I do not have great balance as a C6 quadriplegic SCI but I was not thinking about my balance issues when using Mieron – I was just accomplishing the given task.”

– Brent Poppen, Two Time Paralympic Medalist, C6 SCI

“Mieron gives me more control and more motivation to take my rehab into my own hands and onto the next level. It’s always a fun challenge!”

– Ronni, Encephalomyelitis Patient

“When using Mieron, I did things I didn’t think were physically possible after my stroke. I have strength to drive longer distances because of my rehab with Mieron. It helps keep me independent.”

– Jill, Stroke Survivor

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