Activity Based Trainer’s Use Mieron to Expand their Facility

Activity Based Trainers Expand Facility
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The Abilities Recovery Center, in Los Angeles California, offers specialized fitness programs combined with cutting edge equipment that allows our clients access to the essential standing exercises, and to safely learn how to walk again. They work with people who have become paralyzed following a severe injury or illness,  by enhancing the connection to their nervous system, so that they may move, feel, function and walk again.

Abilities Recovery Center offers Activity Based Exercises: combining many modalities devised from the functional goals of the client; Mobility Activation Station: allowing people to stand whilst exercising and to learn how to walk again; and Gait Training: for ambulating clients working to return to a natural and efficient gait.

And while many in-patient facilities may boast large square footage of multiple floors packed with many forms of technology, Activity Based Training centers and privately owned out-patient facilities many times do not have unlimited square footage and resources like in-patient rehab centers.  With out-patient clients depending on Activity Based Therapies, it is essential to keep the exercises engaging and efficient. 

“Some of the biggest benefits we’ve found using Mieron is the overall experience of their exercise – it keeps the exercise more stimulating and engaging.  When we deal with neurological injuries, we try to create as much stimulation as possible”

 – Jeff Lefkovitz, Lead Specialist at Abilities Recovery Center.

Mieron augments the out-patient experience in many ways.  For gait training, Mieron gait experiences expand paths and trails far beyond the four walls of any facility and exponentially increase the perceived distances that one may walk.  For upper extremity exercises, Mieron’s VRNT exercises reduce pain perception – drawing less focus on the work in progress and more focus on the score and task at hand.  The monotony of repetitive exercises that are essential for mobility recovery is mitigated with Mieron’s engaging and competitive exercises, built for all levels of mobility.

Jeff, Lead Specialist at ARC describes how they use Mieron at his facility:

As a bonus, Danny, a client at ARC describes the motivation behind his rehab and his favorite elements about ARC in this video

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