Mieron Brings Health and Wellness in VR to the Accessible+ Initiative at Coachella

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Accessible+ is partnering with MieronVR to bring Health and Wellness in VR to Coachella 2022 for the first-of-its-kind event activation.  

Mieron will be setting up at “The HeadQ+uarters” which will operate as a social gathering space within the festival grounds that intends to highlight the transcendence of the Q+ community by inspiring individuality, authenticity, and eccentricity.   The “Q+amp” at Coachella is an empowerment camp for Q+ x BiPOoC selected individuals to be fully immersed into festival activations. Q+ampers will have VIP access and behind the scenes opportunities to interact with Q+ and BIPoC leaders of the festival.  Harnessing the passion of individuals who are often marginalized, we will create a path of discovery and an invitation to be a part of the larger festival cultures. Coachella Experience will be an immersion opportunity for participants with disabilities to camp, parktake, and learn through intimate interactions and behind the scenes view on what it means to be a part of the festival.

Harnessing the power of Virtual Reality with an Accessibility First approach, Mieron creates exercises and wellness experiences built for all levels of mobility.  Exercises in Mieron’s VR environments are designed to be therapeutic while improving upon stamina, endurance, and mobility.  Mieron also boasts a large library of wellness exercises including guided meditations, anxiety relievers and pain management tools. 

Together, we celebrate and empower communities to foster a new festival future. 

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