Mieron co-founders Named Most Innovative People to Watch in 2020

Mieron featured in technowize magazine
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Jessica Maslin & Josh Dubon – Co-founders, MieronVR

Jessica Maslin and Josh Dubon are the co-founders of Mieron, the World’s First Virtual Reality NeuroTherapy system that helping to rehabilitate patients all over the world. MieronVR, the company’s brand new virtual reality technology is being used by doctors and medical practitioners help patients rehabilitate from spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries.

The Mieron library is full of locomotive training exercises, trunk stability, strength and conditioning, upper body mobility, lower body mobility, balance and stability exercises that complement physical therapy and occupational therapy practices. The goal is to improve range of motion, execution of tasks, independence by improved mobility, and mental wellness.

There are two versions of the device currently in production, the Mieron Pro, which is used in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities, and the newly-created Mieron Go, which is a consumer version that patients can use at home.

Mieron Tech 3

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