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Rehabilitation can be a life-long journey, especially for those dealing with spinal cord injury. Through virtual reality and a myriad of functionalities, MieronGO can help patients with all levels of mobility to regain independence.

Ryan Butcher is one patient for whom MieronGO has been an invaluable tool. Here is his story:

Ryan is a 27-year-old who is currently coping with a C4 spinal cord injury that he suffered in 2016. Since his injury, he has had limited hand dexterity and has been working hard to regain independence in his daily life.

Despite not having any experience with virtual reality, MieronGO was extremely easy for Ryan to adapt. Even with the limited usage of his hands, Ryan quickly learned to put on the headset himself and adjust the straps as needed.

He spoke to us about how easy it was to add MieronGO into his routine: “I’ve never used virtual reality before, but within a couple of minutes of using Mieron, I was easily using it myself.”

Building Independence with MieronGO

For Ryan, MieronGO is an added layer of rehabilitation to the work that he does with physical therapists and at the gym. Because he’s constantly looking to progress and meet new goals, this is a great way for him to continue building strength without needing to leave his home.

Since his injury, Ryan has already made impressive strides through his therapy. He is now able to operate a manual wheelchair on his own, which is bringing him an all-new level of freedom! With his manual wheelchair, Ryan is able to access more transportation options and locations that were previously inaccessible in his powered wheelchair. And, he gets to continue building his strength by pushing the wheelchair himself.

Now, Ryan is hoping to further build upon his new skills by learning to drive. His next goal is to gain the ability to independently transfer himself onto surfaces of different heights. This way, he’ll be able to move his body between his wheelchair and other seats comfortably. By not being tied to his wheelchair, Ryan will have even more ways to move around and be independent.

MieronGO is a great addition to Ryan’s rehabilitation because it works well with his existing program. It allows him to be in full control over how much he works on his strength and mobility, and in turn, how much progress he makes. Plus, the VR environment within MieronGO provides feedback while he’s completing tasks, making it a fun and more engaging experience.

With the convenience of exercising at home and the enjoyment of working through virtual reality, MieronGO can help rehabilitation routines feel more achievable and sustainable. After all, recovery from injury is not only physical but involves mental positivity as well.

When asked for the most motivating thing he has learned since his injury, Ryan talks about the importance of a positive mindset: “We cannot choose what happens to us in life but we can choose our attitude.”

To discover the ways in which MieronGO can help you, click here.

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