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For people with spinal cord injuries, stroke, or other conditions that affect mobility, gait therapy is often a key part of rehabilitation.   Robot-assisted therapy, like Lokomat™, enables effective and intensive training and ensures the optimal exploitation of neuroplasticity and recovery potential.

During rehabilitation, patients need to be challenged at and beyond their individual capabilities. One advantage of Lokomat™ over traditional, unassisted gait training is that the speed, loading, and robotic support can be adjusted to optimally shape the intensity of the therapy.  It also allows therapists to focus on the patient instead of the equipment.

Robot-assisted gait training enhances staff efficiency and safety, leading to higher training intensity and superior outcomes.

Why Use MieronVR with Lokomat™?

MieronVR is a Virtual Reality Neurotherapy program, offered to rehabilitation facilities for use with in-patient and out-patient treatment for SCI, TBI, Cerebral Palsy, stroke & more.

Many practitioners are using MieronVR with gait training, parallel bars, FES machines, and stand-alone as a new type of PT & OT and pain management tool.

MieronVR comes with a library of rehab based VR therapies including gait training, upper body movement, lower body movement, lateral movement, PT & OT, head and neck mobility & more.

Providing truly immersive, guided virtual reality experiences that pair seamlessly with rehabilitation equipment like Lokomat™, MieronVR presents several additional benefits to the patient:

  1. The virtual environment makes repetitive movement more fun and engaging by introducing game-like activities and goals.
  2. Virtual reality transports the patient out of the rehab center and into mentally invigorating surroundings.
  3. Direct positive feedback and post-session metrics to the patient and the therapist encourages persistence and compliance.
  4. The known benefits of VR on pain abatement can help make the therapy session more comfortable for the patient, or allow for greater intensity without pain.
  5. Adaptable to all levels of mobility and fully wireless and ergonomic

MieronVR Testimonials

“I do not have great balance as a C6 quadriplegic SCI but I was not thinking about my balance issues when using Mieron – I was just accomplishing a given task”

 – Brent Poppen, 2-time Paralympic medalist

“I’m doing it while Im getting a workout but i’m not thinking of my workout.  Before I was focused on my legs and what do I need to do, and am I doing it properly? But [when I put Mieron on] everything fell into sync and I was enjoying the experience of walking outside as if I was doing it myself.”

-Amanda Boxel, T11/T12 SCI

Mieron Testimonial: Jeff, Lead Specialist at Abilities Recovery Center

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Where can I find providers of MieronVR?

MieronVR may be offered in a clinic near you!  Contact us by emailing hello@mieronvr.com, or chatting with a representative on our website, where we can help determine if the clinical or home version is a good fit for you.

You can also book a quick demo with us by clicking here!. We can go over anything you want to know in roughly 20-30 minutes.

At MieronVR, we’re dedicated to helping you do more to achieve more.

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