New VRNT Innovation Helps Rehabilitation Patients Through Pain

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Talk about mind over matter.

Whether you’re in rehabilitation therapy for a broken limb, a neurological issue, or any other acute medial illness – something new might be coming your way, especially if you live in Colorado. There’s a new type of rehabilitation therapy called Mieron. It’s a virtual reality (VR) headset device designed for all levels of mobility.

When patients put on the VR headsets, they’re often able to push past their immense pain and move their body in ways that they wouldn’t be able to through traditional rehabilitation therapy.

“When you’re in VR, your brain is experiencing a sensory overload, so your pain receptors are one of the first things that really get diminished,” said Mieron VR President and Co-Founder Jessica Maslin to Denver 7. “So if you’re not focusing on the pain, what are you focusing on? You’re having a good time doing rehab. And while it may be the same principles of what you’ve been doing day after day, it’s a new and exciting way that you’re engaged in it.”

Craig Hospital in Denver says they’ll use VR for rehabilitation patients there. But because VR isn’t supported under many peoples’ insurance, Mieron has created a home version so it’s no longer only strictly available for in-patient therapy.

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