Tech Enthusiast Paul Lane’s Quadreplegic Workout using Mieron

Paul Lane Quad Workout

Paul Lane is an accessible gaming consultant, keynote speaker, and TV/Radio personality who, as a C6 quadriplegic, has climbed the ranks in the broadcasting business and has a love for new technology.

Over 20 years ago, Paul was in a multi-car collision that left him a C6 quadripleic, and after 8 months of recovering in the hospital, remained undeterred and inspired to live his dreams.

Paul has long been a self proclaimed nerd and techie. When January of 2016 came around, he decided to use his love for all things nerdy on his new show, TECH Zone. On the TECH Zone he is able to discuss technology and how it has changed everyday life,  Gaming, entertainment, sports, health and education. This opportunity came after covering and serving as a Judge for the Consumer Electronics show. For 7 years, Paul broadcasted live shows that were focused on technology and how it has benefited all including the physically challenged community and their families.  At comic-con 2018 in san Diego he debut his latest show “Entertainment Zone”

As an Accessibility Consultant  Paul uses his unique experience as a former able-bodied consumer and now a disabled consumer. This helps him to see the challenges from both angles. Paul has worked with video game developers & video  game console manufacturers in helping them make gaming inclusive for all in spite of limitations. He has also worked with different consumer technology companies assisting them in areas where the disabled community can use their products more fully. This is something he is passionate about since he recognizes the challenges that the disabled community and their families face.

His mission is to help ease the frustration that may come up for the disabled consumer. In May 2018 Paul was invited to speak at Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation) in San Mateo California for global accessibility awareness day to give a TED TALK. He shared his story about his injury, overcoming obstacles, career, advocacy, mentoring and love of gaming.  A career highlight for Paul was being asked to moderate the first ever “ACCESSIBILITY IN GAMES” panel at E3 2018 in Los Angeles California.

In a recent interview with United Spinal Association, Paul was asked about his Favorite Adaptive Technology.  His answer: 

Favorite Adaptive Technology:

“My Mieron VR. It puts me in a virtual reality environment, so I can pop balloons and fight dinosaurs while I work out. No one wants to work out. But when it’s fun, it’s pretty cool.” – Paul Lane

(read the full interview here)

While working out can be mundane or monotonous for anyone, weight management after SCI is particularly important.  Excess weight gained after SCI is difficult to lose, and it’s hard to maintain weight over time. Excess fat affects overall health and increases risks for chronic conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes and sleep apnea. Weight gain can also make it harder to chair transfer and inhibit independence.  Any weight loss program discussed with your doctor should include diet, physical activity and behavior modification techniques.  Mieron’s diverse library of exercises can be used to boost a competitive streak, increase endurance, and lower pain perception so that the user can participate more fully for longer periods of time.  Like Paul said, when it’s fun, it’s a game-changer.

You can see some of how Paul uses Mieron to workout in this video.

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