Well in 20: Mieron’s Approach to Transforming Mental Wellness from Home

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To say that 2020 has been challenging would be an understatement.  Our families, friends and colleagues have all been affected by COVID-19, social unrest and most overwhelmingly, trying to maintain our mental wellness through the ups and downs of this unprecedented year.

We’ve been doing a lot of research on how to better ourselves over the past few months both professionally and personally.  We’ve feng-shui’d our work from home spaces, enrolled in continuing education courses, tried to enjoy the great outdoors from a social-distance, and implemented some resolution-worthy mantras and exercises into our daily routines. From tried-and-true tricks of the trade (like setting a bedtime and no-screen-time zones) to more progressive mental wellness techniques (like spoken daily mantras), we’ve developed and tested therapist and life-coach approved techniques to bring harmony into our bodies, minds and homes; and we’ve packaged it up for you!

Welcome to Well in 20, Mieron’s latest suite of exercises designed to help you reset your mental wellness in just 5 minutes a day for 20 days.

That’s right, in the amount of time that you may wait for your morning tea or coffee to brew to perfection before taking on the day, you can incorporate a new daily mental health practice into your life.

Practice Guided Mental Wellness exercises in a serene environment with immersive & calming sights and sounds.

Escape your home when you put on the VR headset as you are transported to a creative oasis, where the calming and inspiring sights and sounds immerse you.  Our life-coach gently guides you through each day’s practice, with some encouraging suggestions to bring into the real world when you remove the VR headset and travel back to your day.  

“We have MieronGO for my husband, but I sneak a Well in 20 session in each morning before the household wakes up to start my day off right.”  

-Joan, Wife & Caregiver for T12 SCI.

Each Well in 20 Session concludes with some food for thought and action items that help turn your experience into a habit, even after the 20 days conclude.  And of course there’s nothing stopping you from repeating a favorite lesson or exercise.

The Well in 20 Program includes beginner meditation, mindfulness techniques, and ways to pass along positivity into the world around you.  It is truly amazing what 20 days in a row of intentional mindfulness will do to transform your daily life and that of those around you.

“You can really do the Well in 20 segments at any time, but I like doing it first thing in the morning so that I can pass my new knowledge and perspective along to others I talk to throughout the day.  It helps ground me during times of frustration throughout the day.” 

– Tommy, TBI Survivor

When we created this program, it was important for us to account for mental wellness warriors and those that may never have put much thought or intention into the mental clarity that they approach their day with.  With this in mind, Well in 20 is easy to listen to, engage with, and take into the rest of your day with you.  Give Well in 20 a try, and let us know your favorite segment.

If you have questions about Well in 20 or any of Mieron’s Virtual Reality NeuroTherapy exercises, please contact us at hello@mieronvr.com

Be well, 

Team Mieron

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