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Transforming Rehabilitation with Virtual Reality.

we work with hospitals of all sizes, and provide hands on training

As the leaders in Virtual Reality NeuroTherapy, MIERON is committed to creating engaging Virtual Reality (VR) content targeted for specific rehabilitation results. We love working with hospitals and rehab centers of all sizes, and provide hands on training to seamlessly integrate Mieron into your practice. We adhere to the highest standards in Virtual Reality and are committed to SCI recovery with VR technology.  Mieron users experience increased participation, endurance, independence, quality of life, and overall improvement in mental wellness with VR technology.

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virtual reality experiences and games

Helping Patients Achieve More



Patients suspend their disbelief and excel in their favorite activities in the virtual environment.



Custom designed VR experiences and responsive games based on the principles of neurofeedback, locomotive training, and physical therapy.



Hands on training and 24/7 online support to seamlessly integrate Mieron into your practice.

how can we help you?

Physical Therapy

Augment PT techniques by integrating Mieron training into your practice.

Pain Management

Virtual reality is clinically proven to aid in pain management and combat drug abuse.


Short and long term rehabilitation patients benefit from the effects of Mieron.

Quality of Life

Patients feel more energized, excited and motivated to participate in recovery activities.

Mental Wellness

Mieron activities help aid in mental wellness, fight depression and decrease anxiety.

Continued Education

We are committed to enhancing the patient and practitioner experience.

Making The Possible A Reality

Virtual Reality Neurotherapy

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