The Experience

The MIERON library has experiences for upper body mobility, trunk stability, core engagement and lower body mobility. Virtual Reality NeuroTherapy excites nerve pathways and is clinically proven to reduce pain perception by up to 90%, with lasting effects outside of the VRNT session. Utilize Mieron on its own, or paired with other rehab equipment such as FES, Gait Training and Vibration therapy.

The Headset

MIERON utilizes an ergonomically designed wireless headset, so it can be easily adopted with adaptive equipment. With 6 degrees of freedom and enhanced analytics, the Mieron library will encourage body movements and help users Achieve More mobility, independence and quality of life.

The Goal

MIERON is designed to help users Achieve More mobility, independence, and quality of life.  With an expansive library of upper and lower body mobility exercises, pain management experiences, and mental wellness techniques – there are multiple ways to put Mieron to work for all levels of mobility.

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The next generation rehabilitation

Virtual Reality NeuroTherapy

MIERON works to activate the brain in new ways utilizing sensory input mechanisms and visuospatial elements of VR in order to develop new skills, increase brain fitness, and enhance performance through exercise.

Physical Therapy

MIERON can be used as a stand alone treatment or paired with other PT and OT equipment for in-patient and out-patient use.


Unique libraries for both Healthcare Providers and At-Home use. Rehab experiences focused in locomotive training and activity based training help improve mobility and independence.

Mental Wellness

Comprehensive library includes experiences for mental wellness, mindfulness, combating depression, and effective pain relief.

Pain Management

VR is clinically proven to reduce pain perception and is a healthy and effective pain management tool. Use as an early intervention or supplemental treatment to reduce the risk of chemical dependence or opioid abuse.

Quality of Life

Enjoy rehabilitation with MIERON and Achieve More strength, mobility, independence and wellness. Users exert themselves with a higher intensity for longer periods of time when MIERON is incorporated into their rehabilitation practice.

Continued Education

We’re here for your success! MIERON provides quick and seamless training, support and software updates. Be connected with the Mieron global community.

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